spite sometechnical difficulties in the stream we did get to watch the the Sony press conference, eventually.

If you would like to see the full event for yourself here is the link.


Sony started off with NaughtyDog showing us a game play trailer for Last of Us: Part 2. The segment featured heavy stealth based game play and it was fairly gorey. No release date was given

Following that was Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai epic  from Sucker Punch. This game also feature stealth game play, is a little gorey, an swordighting action. No release date was given.

Control was shown next, this game appears to be a third person shooter with physics based puzzels. The trailer wasn’t very long, and it was difficult to see what was going on with the lag of the stream. Control was developed by Remedy and no release date was given.

Next was the release trailer for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2: Remake. It will release 25 Jan 2019.

Trover Saves the Universe is a game coming from the co-creater of Rick and Morty, and seems to have a similar sence of humor. Not much else was shown about the game. No release date was given.

Square Enix then showed their newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. In the trailer they confirmed that Pirates of the Carabean would be in the game. They also anounced that you would be able to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 would all be playable on the PS4. Kingdom Heart 3 will release on 29 Jan 2019.

Kojima’s Death Stranding showed off a little more of the story and a little bit off game play. The trailer left us with more questions then it gave us answers. No release date was given for Death Stranding

Nioh 2 from Koi Teckmo/Team Ninja was given a release trailer, but no release date.

Insomniac’s Spiderman will be released 9 Aug 2018

A new game named Deracine was announced for PSVR, but no release date was given.