Capcom recently released a new trailer for their upcoming Mega Man X collections 1 and 2. This new trailer highlights the games XChallenge mode, in which you face off against 2 Maverick bosses at the same time.

Some of the pairs they showcase are:

  • Chill Penguin (MMX) and Frost Walrus (MMX4)
  • Wheel Gator (MMX2) and Bubble Crab (MMX2)
  • Slash Beast (MMX4) and Crescent Grizzly (MMX5)
  • Web Spider (MMX4) and Wire Sponge (MMX2)
  • Magma Dragoon (MMX4) and Neon Tiger (MMX3)
  • Spiral Pegasus (MMX5) and Dark Necobat (MMX5)
  • Blizzard Wolfang (MMX6) and Burn Dinorex (MMX5)
  • Armored Armadillo (MMX) and Rainy Turtloid (MMX6)
  • Dr Doppler (MMX3) and Godkarmaschin O Inary (MMX3)
  • Vile Mk-2 (MMX3) and High Max (MMX6)

No report on whether these are all of the XChallenge pairs or merely a sampling. In either case it looks pretty exciting. MegaMan X Legacy Collection is set to release 24 July, 2018.


July 24 2018