23 Mar 2020


Good morning everyone. Today’s morning announcements were pretty quick. We have a new villager, Lucky. The Museum is now open, and the bridge is finished.


Mable also made an appearance. she is visiting the island to sell clothes, and she hinted that if I buy enough, she will set up a shop permanently.

After the announcements, I went to greet Lucky and checked out the new museum. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more excited to get rid of the giant pile of fish behind my house.


Oh, speaking of my house, it’s been expanded! Nook somehow got his team of ninjas into my house while I slept and expanded everything. Still, it looks pretty good.


After finishing my daily chores, I popped in to see nook, and he had one more task for me, build a wardrobe and customize it. he gave me the recipe and the customization kits. I put them to quick work.


I have quite a few fruits that I’ve been sitting on. I plan on planting them in the next day or two and using them to pay off my new 198k bell loan.


This town is really coming together. Both the houses for Audie and Sally are sold. Which one do you think will be arriving next?

See you next time,

Eric, eager exponent