24 Mar 2020

Valued Readers,

Today was another idyllic day. Nook started the day off with his usual morning announcements, but the list of them is getting shorter. Perhaps this is just a sign that things are beginning to settle down with the island.


First off on the list, we got another new Villager. I met her earlier on an island tour. You may remember the wolf I mentioned before? Well, she made her way to the island, and couldn’t be happier. At least I hope she is happy with her choice, she sounds a little too ‘All-in’ if you know what I mean.

I hope she doesn’t come to regret that choice

That was the only announcement to speak of.  I did get my custom phone kit I ordered in the mail, and I quickly put that to use.


Oh, we did have a belated ceremony for the opening of the Museum. No idea why I didn’t do it before, but Audie was nice enough to come away from her unpacking to join us. That was really nice of her.


My new neighbors are really starting to grow on me. I wasn’t too sure about Plucky when we first got here, but she had turned out to be all right. Biff and I are close friends, and the little I’ve talked to lucky has got me interested. I’m sure Audie will fit right in, in no time at all.

I think it’s about time for me to turn that stretch of land to the west into a fruit orchard. What do you think?

With warm regards,

Eric. Capable Camper.