25 Mar 2020


Today started like any other. Nook gave his usual morning announcements. Todays consisted of Sally, a squirrel I met while on Island Tour, moved into the final vacant house. Now that we have five residents, Nook has decided to make residents services a more permanent fixture on the island. He informed us that tomorrow, Resident Services will be closed while the new building is constructed.


That concluded the morning announcements. I immediately went to greet our newest member.


Sally seemed pretty cool. Things should be more fun with her around. I do feel a little bad for her though, her house is closer to the center of the island than the rest of us, but she has to walk all the way around the river to get there. I hope Nook lets me build another bridge soon.

I did my usual chores: Fossils, Wasps, Fruit, Wood, Stone, Shells, Weeds. Only one note on that front, while going around clearing the wasps out of the trees, Lucky stopped me to teach me a new expression.


Having more expressions is always a good thing. I can not wait to learn more.

Gulliver appeared on my beach again. That is twice now, in less than 10 days. I cant imagine how this could possibly be very healthy for him. How stressful is this for his crewmates? Anyway, once he was roused, I helped him collect the missing parts for his phone then left him to his own devices.


With everything all said and done, I had a very large amount of fruit. I planted a number of them as an investment and sold the rest. This was a rather large chunk of change. Enough, in fact, to pay off my current debt to Mr. Nook. Of course, with the debt paid off, Nook offered to expand the house for me. This expansion would involve adding an extra room onto the back of the house. Who doesn’t want more room? I accepted and eagerly await tomorrow. I am thinking I’ll turn this new room into a workshop. I’ve collected a fair few “Workshop” related items and I would like to separate them from my living quarters.

Thank you for listening to my rambling,

Eric, alliterative ally