Today, Nintendo dropped news of something that wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Posted above is an announcement trailer for a new game in the Hyrule Warriors series. This game showcases the events that took place in the 100 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild. So far we have it confirmed that you can play as Link, Zelda, and the four other Champions, all in a world that uses Breath of the Wild‘s art style.

While being able to play another Warriors style game is exciting in-and-of it self, the implications of this game are staggering on their own. This game is being set up as a direct prequel to Breath of the Wild. Its inclusion into the canon of the series seems certain. If this Warriors game can be canon, why cant the other Warriors game also be canon?

A while ago, I did a video theorizing that the only way to fit BotW into the timeline would be through some timeline reunification event. (@3:30 for the relevant bit) I hinted that the original Hyrule Warriors would have been the perfect event, as it has all of the elements needed. I dismissed it, however, because the Warrior’s games are largely considered non-canon. With this new game however, we could very well consider the original game canon and put a close to this mystery once and for all.

For what its worth… MatPat agrees with me.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is set to release 20 Nov, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.