Here is the entirety of this years E3 presentation from, once powerhouse, Square Enix. The entire bit runs a little over 45 min. If you dont have time to sit through the entire thing, here is the gist of it.

Eidos-Montreal presented a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Much like their previous Avengers game, the characters to do not resemble their MCU counterparts. They did seem to get the license to some of the same music though. Roughly 18 min of the total presentation was given to this game. Available 26 Oct, 2021.

Next, they presented a game that I had been asking for so, so long. Branded Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, there is a short 30 second clip that explains to what amounts to they are remastering/rereleasing Final Fantasy 1-6. That, in and of itself, would be enough to set my hype meter to maximum. I would give nearly anything to be able to have a Final Fantasy collection all on one system. This would be an auto-buy for my household. Sadly, that hype came crashing to the ground nearly instantly, because of the last shot of the short trailer…

You read that right, dear reader. Coming Soon… to Steam and Mobile. Please correct me if I am wrong, but are these games not all ready available on both Steam and Mobile? Why release them on Steam and Mobile again? Why isn’t this coming to the Switch!? How could you do this to me Sqeenix?

Then a short trailer for Legend of Mana played. The game releases 24 June, 2021

They are adding Black Panther to Marvel’s Avengers.

A Sniper mobile game is being added to the Hitman Franchise.

A Neir Mobile game was announced.

Some promotional stuff for Brave Exvius, another Mobile game.

They talked a bit about Final Fantasy VII, The First Soldier, yet another mobile game. This one releases some time in 2021.

Babylon’s Fall was the next game talked about. The most interesting thing about this game is that it doesn’t appear to be a mobile game. Though you would be hard pressed to tell that just by looking at it.

They spent all of some time talking about the new Life is Strange game. It releases 10 Sept, 2021.

Square Enix Japan and Team Ninja presented the next game. Its some kind of gritty DarkSouls-like reboot of FF-1. Accept all the characters look like rejects from a Fast and Furious movie. At least Garland looks like how he is supposed to look. The main guy wants to kill Chaos. He says it like 5 times. The game is called Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. and its coming in 2022. It looks like Koei Tecmo had a hand in it as well… Couldn’t we get a Final Fantasy Warriors game instead? That sounds like it would be a much better game. Oh yeah, there is a demo that will be available on ps5 soon.

If you were unaware that FF7r Intergrade is out now, and the Yuffie DLC is included with it, then they remind you again here before showing some rapid fire clips of games coming out soon.


Did you want to see anything about FFXVI, FFXIV, or FF7r-2? Too bad. Have some mobile games.