Nintendo made a pair of announcements this month that, while not terrible, were not exactly exciting either. The first announcement was along the lines of the Switch Pro rumors that have been circulating for a while now.

The fact of the matter is that Nintendo has been working on an updated version of their Switch Console. The recently announced OLED version sports a slightly larger screen, and a reworked kickstand. The new charging dock has a port for an ethernet cable. Oh and its white. That’s it. It might be worth it for someone who was holding off on buying a switch, but for someone that all ready owns one, its not really enough of an upgrade to justify the price tag. I’ll be picking up one of those new docks, but if Nintendo wants me to buy another switch, I’m going to need a little bit more than just a minor screen size boost.

Their next big let down came with the announcement of the SNES games they are adding to the NSO Subscription.

Don’t feel too bad if you have never heard of these games, reader. I hadn’t heard of them either. In prior updates, Nintendo at least had the grace to include a half-way decent game in with the rest of the shovel-ware. Not so this go around. Coming at the end of July we get the 3 following games:

  • Claymates
  • Jelly Boy
  • Bombuzal

All three games are literal what’s in a sea of great games they could have chosen. These were the types of games that would be the only games left unrented at a video store late on a Friday night.

Are any of you excited about any of the news Nintendo has put out lately? Are you going to be keeping your NSO service if the quality of the games dont improve? Let me know.