This morning came bearing goodies! The Animal Crossing Direct promised in the last direct is finally here. As you may remember from the last direct, they announced that Brewster and the Roost would be making a return to the series. Rather than being its own building, the roost will reside inside of the Museum on the second floor. That cant be all of what they intend to reveal, though, otherwise why have an entire direct about it? Lets see what they have to tell us.


Incase you are unable or unwilling to watch the video here is a quick break down of what they announced in their ~20min video

Release Update

Nov 5th

The Roost

The Roost will be added to the Museum, on the upper floor. You can buy coffee, like in previous games, Amiibos can be used in the roost to have coffee to them. Multiple players playing at the same time can have coffee at the same time. No idea if the barista minigame is returning at this time.


He will ferry you from your dock to various islands similar to nook tickets.

Harvy’s Island

Harvy’s Island is getting an update as well. It seems you you will be able to spend bells to set up permanent shops for the various visitors to your island. (Like Kicks, Katrina, Harriet, Leif)

Group Stretching

You can now participate in group stretches in the plaza. Options for you to personally join as well. Like IRL.

Island Ordinances

Similar to New Leaf. You can set up rules that effect your island

Home Services

New Home Exteriors, expanded storage (up to 5000 items)

Nook Miles

New Items available

Misc Updates

Cooking is coming, new vegetables

Pro Decorating, Lighting shelving and an accent wall

Bridges and inclines increased to 10

New fences, fences can be customized

Nook Phone Camera updates, allow pictures from PoV of character

11 more hair styles

11 new reactions

New app Island Life 101, kind of like a tutorial

More Furniture

Outdoor storage finally available

Outdoor ABD as well

KK slider has 12 more songs

Music boxes are added

Nooks Cranny getting new furniture

permanent ladders can be set up

Froggy Chair, confirmed to be back in the game!

Narrow spaces in doors can now be navigated

Villagers can now invite you to their house or show up in your house

Gyroids are returning, but slightly different. Planting a Gyroid Fragment and watering it will cause a Gyroid to grow the next day. They can be customized and they interact with music.

Series 5 Amiibo cards. 48 new cards.

Last major free update.

Paid DLC

Happy Home Paradise Planning – $24.99 – 5 Nov 2021

Basically Happy Home Planner. Select an island and decorate it for customers. New minigame, which generates points that you can spend on new furniture

Amiibo Cards/Figures interact with the new DLC

Techniques and tools learned in DLC can be used on your main island

Home Remodels for your Island residents eventually

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Expansion Pack comes with N64, Genesis, and Happy Home Paradise Planning.

$49.99/yr for individual plan or $79.99/yr for family plan