The Valkyrie Series started way back in 2000 on the PS1. Valkyrie Profile, which remains my favorite game of all time, was something of a unique RPG. In it you played Lenneth, a valkyrie tasked with collecting and training human souls in preparation for Ragnorok. The most unique aspect of the game was the combat system. Instead of selecting your actions from a menu, each of the 4 face buttons on the controller was assigned to a character, and each character was given a certain number of attacks. You press each button to attack with that character, creating chains and building up a special attack meter. The game has stuck with me over the years.

Later, in 2006 the Prequel/Sequel (it’s a little complicated and involves time travel) Valkyrie Profile 2 was released. This game focused on Lenneth’s younger sister, Silmaria, who was captured during the events of the first game. Instead of collecting souls and Training them for Ragnork, you now Collect souls and return them to life. They dumbed down a little of what made the original game great but was still a serviceable and passable game. Instead of each character having their own attacks and abilities most of the characters were fitted into a class that shared special moves. Instead of learning your skills and traits from a list and spending points gained by leveling up, you build them from runewords inscribed on their gear. The game also evolved from a 2.5d sprite game to a fully 3d game.

Forward to 2008 when Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. This game changed genre and instead was an isometric Tactics style Strategy RPG. In it, you play as a human mercenary named Wylfred who is hunting down Valkyrie, as she is the main antagonist.

It wasn’t until 2016 that we would get another installment in the series with Valkyrie Automata. This was a gotcha-style mobile game. Not much to see here.

That brings us to today where Valkyrie Elysium was announced at the Playstation State of Play. Once again the game and style have made a shift and it appears to now be a 3D action game. You take control of a new unnamed Valkyrie. There appears to be the collecting of Souls that assist you during combat. Odin is seen and heard talking to the Valkyrie and even Hrist (Lenneth’s older Sister) makes an appearance at the very end of the trailer.

The Game is set to release sometime in 2022 for the PS5 and PS4. As more information becomes available I’ll post it here.

Let me know what you think about the reveal and if you plan on picking up the game. Thanks.