Today, while I was meandering around the internet I decided to check up on some YouTube Channels that I used to follow but hadn’t seen in a while. This bit of serendipity brought me back to an old favorite of mine, Game Theory I used to be a daily watcher, but once life caught up to me, I stopped following the channel so closely.

Anyway, while looking at MatPat’s recent videos I came across released on Jun 30, 2019. Here is a link to the video if you are curious.

Anyway, this video is about how Breath of the Wild takes place in a unified timeline that is brought together by the events of Hyrule Warriors. I found this incredibly interesting, because two years ago, I released my own video about how Breath of the Wild was the product of a unified timeline and I specifically mentioned that Hyrule Warriors could have been the event that unified the time lines. Here is a link to my video if you would like to see it.

It is so exciting to see MatPat agree with me on a possible explanation for the placement of this game. Doubly so, because MatPat was one of my inspirations for wanting to make YouTube videos in the first place. I know its irrational, but I’m grinning like mad over this. My proudest YouTube moment, was a famous YouTuber agreeing with me.