Chapter 19

With Fort Merceus taken and subsequently destroyed Claude and crew are equal parts excited and apprehensive about attacking the capitol. Regardless of how we feel about it, the capitol must fall. Another of our key goals is rescuing Rhea, who we have reason to believe is being held within the capitol.

Week 1: Explore

Petra won the Sword Tournament for me. You know the drill by now. Motivation, cooking, training.

Week 2: Battle

Seteth passed the test for Wyvern Lord


Battle 1


Battle 2


A small bit of tragedy here. While I was playing I had Flayn attack a Demonic Beast and it killed her (stupid vantage). I had intended to divine pulse out and approach it a different way but got called away. When I came back I had completely forgotten about rewinding and finished the battle and saved. So, Flayn is another casualty of this war. She is with her mother now, so I’ll just be over here crying. I hope there are lots of fish where she is now.

Battle 3


Week 3: Explore

The usual.

Week 4: Seminar

Byleth took the test for Bishop.

Lysithea is teaching again



The Alliance forces clash with the bulk of the Empire’s forces within Ennbar. While I am worried about Rhea,  A search will have to wait until the city is taken.


Looking at the starting forces, I am outnumbered nearly 4:1. Not quite, but almost. Furthermore, my forces are divided between the far north and the south-east.

Hubert is in command of this army, and he has 4 Demonic Beasts. He also has the Death Knight and a vast array of mages. That’s not cool. I see 2 chests on the map that I will attempt to take if it proves feasible.

Reinforcements were mentioned, so I’ll be on the lookout for them. I’m about to begin when Hubert calls my attention to the turrets located all over the map. Their coverage is massive. Especially covering my south-east force. Petra has the best chance of actually being able to do something about them, so I place her in the southern force along with Ingrid, Raphael, Marianne, and Lysithea. The northern force is Byleth, Claude, Hilda, Leonie, and Seteth.

My first goal is to unite my divided forces. I’m not going to be able to effectively clear out the center (or either of the bosses) being spread out like this. Ultimately this involves bringing my northern force east across the bridge, then south to meet up with my southern force at the Middle bridge back into the town. The biggest obstacles in my way are the plethora of archers which will harass my flyers and the turrets which will absolutely wreck my mages and low resistance units

At the end of turn 2, reinforcements arrived in the middle of my north army. A demonic beast and 3 Pegasus knights pop and immediately attack. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you, but I was completely wiped out. I divine pulsed back to the first turn and took a more direct route east, making sure to get completely out of their range the turn they appeared.

Things were going well from that point. I managed to clear my way far enough east so that when the reinforcements spawned I would have time to react to them. I cleared out the reinforcements and was starting in on the archers in the area when the second group of reinforcements showed up on turn 5. This group, consisting of a demonic beast and 2 Pegasus knights, appeared at the mouth of the river in the far south.  Right in range of my southern group who was still trying to clear their way north. Dead group.

I took things back to the start again, this time I know what I am dealing with and I made appropriate preparations. The northern force needs to get east as quickly as possible to get out of range and then deal with the first group. The southern force needs to come as far north as they can to get out of range of the second group while also taking care of the enemies and the turrets that block their way.

Without a doubt, Petra carried the southern force. She was the only one with the range, and the avoid that could charge the turrets. She managed to take out the first one in 2 rounds (omg the range on those healers near the Death Knight is rediculous) the second turret took a little longer, but she got it eventually. When the second group spawned this time, I was just outside of their range, and I managed to keep ahead of it until I could get Claude, Petra, and Ingrid down from the north to help.


At this point, it’s turn 15. I have my entire force on the main bridge going back into the main part of the map. The next major goal is to get to the Death Knight. I can’t just send someone in either because even if they take out the DK, they will be eaten alive by everything else around him. I spend a few turns baiting out individuals with Petra and pulling them apart when they get close.


Eventually, I pull out the DK, Petra dodges his attacks (which is fortunate because any one of them would one-shot her) and deal a small bit of damage. I then have her pull back again to his max range where the rest of my force can lay into him. Lysithea, as is her way, blasts him into tiny pieces and this time he actually dies!


The rest of the map is pretty straight forward. There is nothing major enough left in the top part of the map to merit any kind of threat. When its time to take out Hubert, I use Lysithea to warp Ingrid close to him, and she finished him off.



I was surprised that Petra didn’t get the MVP, but Ingrid did very well too.

The capital city of Enbarr has fallen. While Claude is making plans on how to assault the Castle, Dedue shows up and says that he will assist in attacking Edelgard.


Levels gained: 21

Crap levels: 2

Remember the Fallen