Hello Everyone!  I am currently watching the Nintendo E3 press conference and I’ll be updating this page as things are updated

Here is the link for the entire Event


If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, here is a play by play.

First thing nintendo showed was a mech battle game from Marvelous Entertainment called Daemon X Machina set to release in 2019 for the Switch

Next up on the switch is q Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion called Torna: the Golden Country. This will release Sept 2018.

Then Regis talked for afew min and confirmed that the release date for Pokemon Let’s Go will be released 16 Nov 218. He also revealed that if you buy the new pokeball Joycon, t comes bundled with the legendary Pokemon, Mew.

Super Mario Party was up next in the Swith line up. Many of the new mini games look to use the Joycon motion controls. This will be released 5 Oct 2018

After that Nintendo showed Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A little bit of game play was shown, but it was mostly cinematic. Fire Emblem was given a release date of Spring 2019.

Fortnite is free and now available for download on the switch

A group of indi games was shown next.

  • Overcooked 2 by Ghost Town Games will be released 7 Aug 2018
  • Killer Queen Black from Bumble Bear Games will be releasedin 2018
  • Hallow Knight, developed by Team Cherry, is available now

SquareEnix’s Octopath Traveler will release on the switch 13 July 2018. A demo will be available to download for free on 14 June 2018. The save will transfer to the actual game upon release.

There was a montage of games shown that went by to fast to record them all, but some interesting highlights were

  • Monster Hunter Generations
  • World Ends With You
  • Mega Man 11

Takahashi talked for a few min and introduced Sakurai, who talked at great length about Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The Highlights from this announcement include

  • Release date of 7 Dec 2018
  • 3 New fighters
    • Princess Daisy, who is similar but not identical to Peach
    • Ridley, from Metroid
    • Inkling Boy/Girl from Splatoon
  • Every fighter who was ever been in any Smash Bros game will be returning
    • Including 3rd Party and DLC Characters
  • Saffron City Stage is returning from Smash 64
  • Several Characters have recieved updates and rebalances
  • Several characters have recieved visual updates
  • 1 on 1 fights have a different damage calculation than they do in group battles

After the smash reveal we had a Tree House with Sakurai where they went more indepth on Smash Bros. Towards the end they reveal a new Ridley Amiibo

Then there was a Tree House for Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. Not only will your Pikachu or Eevee ride on your shoulder you can also have a pokemon following you. There is no random battles with wild pokemon. The wild pokemon are visible on  screen and coming in contact witthem starts a battle. The catching mechanic is identical to Pokemon Go, and catching pokemon is how your pokemon gain exp. Trainer and Gym battles play out like normal pokemon games. Its possible to play local co-op.

A Treehouse for Fortnite followed

More footage of people playing Smash Bros as Inkling at Moray Tower

Splatoon Tournament

Smash Bros Invitational Tournament

Nothing was revealed for the 3DS.