Prior to the start of of the month, Alois has a birthday, and Marianne took, and finally passed, her test for mage.

Good Job

Chapter 9

In this chapter, there is a Grand ball is planned. As is the custom for the school, I am supposed to pick a student to enter a dance contest.  There is also evidence of someone sneaking into an unused chapel. Nothing was stolen, but they still don’t want anyone inside. We must guard the site and make sure no one gets in. Jeralt will be joining us this time.

Week 1: Explore

With 7 points at my disposal I am starting to run out of things that I can do each week, Im going to have to get creative. First off there is a Black Magic tournament happening this month, so I registered Lysithea.

Which she won for me

When I bumped into Petra, I asked her if she would like to be my dancer, and she gladly accepted.


I ate a few meals, choir practice, did some gardening, did some training for Byleth’s skills, and fishing. Yes fishing. See, since I unlocked the merchants, I’ve been buying their entire supply of fishing bait every month, and saving it specifically for today.

Chapter9_week1_FishingTournament Start
There is a LOT of bait here

Because today is a special event where you can catch multiple fish in each cast. So I used all of my bait here.

End Result: I now have a professor rank of A

Week 2: Fight!

Battle 1

Chapter9_Week2_Battle1_01 TitleCard
At looong last

This paralogue has been sitting in my quest log for a long time, and its time to break it out and give it a chance. Here is the issue, though. Its really hard.


As  you can see from this  map, I am supposed to guard a spot that I am currently surrounding. The enemy will come at me from all directions, and they have fliers so the walls around me are not that much protection. I tried several different approaches but never was able to get past the first or second wave without losing someone. So on my last divine pulse I attempted to do something reckless. I didn’t have anything else to lose so Made a mad dash at the boss.

First I moved Byleth forward to take out a guy in his range.

I only did it for the level.

Then I used a stride gambit on my flyers. I used Lysithea to warp Ingrid as far forward as possible then had her hit the boss as hard as she could and back off with Canto. Then I flew Petra in to finish the job.

I regret missing out on all the experience but this was the only way I was beating this stage.
Good job on cheesing the mission, Petra. Hope you are proud of your self.

Battle 2


This paralogue belongs to Ingrid and Dorothea. Essentially, Ingrids father promised her hand to a merchant. Dorothea knows who the merchant is and knows that he is very evil and all that, so We set off to gather evidence of the suitors deeds. after confirming what they wanted we are ambushed by the merchant that is now interested in carrying off Ingrid by force.

In order to clear the mission, I have to either get Ingrid to the exit squares, or eliminate all enemies. Seeing as how I missed out of the exp from the last mission, Im going to milk this one for everything I can. Without going into a play by play, here is the overview. In the north east corner there is a merchant on a heal square. Every turn he stays on that square he spawns 2 more thief type enemies with the pass ability. So, I need to take him out as quickly as possible.

To add insult to injury the spawning mobs give almost no experience when killed. So I make my way through the map, take out the guy in the corner. Start making my way towards the bottom of the map, collecting the 2 chests on the way and fending off 3 ambushes. The following units gained levels by the end of the map.


Only 3 sub-par levels in the entire batch. I am pleasantly surprised.

Only 29 turns, that wasn’t so bad.

Week 3: Assignment

Prior to investigating the church, Byleth and Lysithea tested for new classes. Byleth passed the test for sword master. Lysithea passed the bishop exam.


And got a nice bonus for her efforts. +13 to stats.


Anyway, we get to the church and find it overrun with divine beasts. 6 to be exact. Not much to worry about, just take them one at a time and power them down. No special strats needed here, beyond making sure Jeralt survives the battle. Check out these level ups though.


Not a single junk level in the bunch. I am quite pleased with this


Once the area is cleared out we notice that where the divine beasts were defeated nothing remains but the body of a student. Strange. At the last we bump into Monika, who thanks Jeralt for rescuing her and stabs him in the back. Byleth rewinds time to try to prevent the assassination, but someone one else intervenes in my rescue attempt and I get to watch Jeralt get stabbed again.

If I had to suffer through it twice, you can suffer with me.



Levels gained: +23

Only 3 garbage levels.