Chapter 10

Prior to the start of week 1, Ingrid had her birthday tea with me. Marianne also tested for Cavalier and passed.


Week 1 Explore

The hiding place for Solan has been discovered, but it seems a little too convenient. I was expressly forbidden from tracking down Solan and his ilk, but after informing Rhea that I would be going regardless of what she said she reluctantly agreed to let me pursue the issue. Its revenge time. Prior to that though, Exploration!

Claude entered the archery tournament for me, but ended up getting defeated in the final round against Felix. Better luck next time. Choir practice with Marianne and Flayn. I trained Swords with Rhea and Seteth, Faith with Manuela, Did some cooking with Bernedetta and ate a couple meals. All in all not a bad expenditure of time.

Claude was defeated in the Final Round of the archery tournament against Felix

Week 2 Fight

Battle 1


Mission given to me by someone or another. Same basic mission we’ve fought a dozen times all ready. Not much of note happened.

Other than Petra gaining a level


Battle 2Chapter10_Week2_Battle2_titleCard

This is the Sothis Paralogue and it was a little rough. To start off we were back in the Red Canyon with Byleth alone in the north, the rest of my team in the south. Byleth was surrounded by 3 Divine Beasts, and there were 4 more behind my southern group. This in and of it self wouldn’t be all that concerning, but Divine Beasts keeps ambushing me. By the end of the fight I had ended up killing about 10 of them. I gained the following levels:

Chapter 10_Week3_Claude19Chapter10_Week3_Byleth22Chapter10_Week3_Hilda18Chapter10_Week3_Ingrid19Chapter10_Week3_Lorenz19Chapter10_Week3_Lysithea22Chapter10_Week3_Marianne19Chapter10_Week3_Petra21Chapter10_Week3_Raphael16


At the end of the battle I was granted another use of Divine Pulse, so that’s cool. The real winner was the exp that was gained. It really helped.

Week 3: Explore

More exploration. Most of my points were spent in capping the motivation of my students. Many meals were had.

Week 4 fight

Battle 1

Chapter10_Week4_Battle1 Card

This paralogue featured Setheth and Flayn. It seems that the western church was endeavoring to remove some artifacts from the cost and Seteth was not about to have that. With the entire map as either sand or water, it made moving and positioning my self a little troublesome, and Leonie wasn’t allowed to use her mount at all. I gained the following levels during this battle:


Chapter10_week4_battle1_Battle1 victory
Really? Lorenz was my MVP? I dont even remember him doing much. 

Battle 2

Chapter10_Week3_Battle2_Title Card

Nothing special about this battle. Kill bandits in the desert. Ho-hum. I did gain a couple levels though.



Chapter10_Assignment_1_Title Card

Having finally finished my preparations I run head long into where it is rumored that Solan and Monika are hiding. It doesn’t take long to find them, and It was quite obviously a trap… just as literally every single person I talked said it would be. Monika reveals true Identity as Kronya, who might have been considered to have an interesting design, if she actually lived long enough to use it. I plowed through her forced and one shot her. Chapter10_Assignment_2_Ingrid21Chapter10_Assignment_3_Petra23Chapter10_Assignment_4_Claude21Chapter10_Assignment_5_Byleth32Chapter10_Assignment_6_Hilda19Chapter10_Assignment_7_Raphael18Chapter10_Assignment_8_Lorenz21Chapter10_Assignment_9_Marianne21

After taking out Kronya it turns out that killing her was the trap within the trap. As she lay dying, Solan turns up and casts some spell on her that turns her into a blob that absorbs me and gets sucked into another dimension. Sothis explains to me that it was very stupid to fall into this trap and that the only way out is for us (Sothis and I) to fuse into one entity.


Which we do

We do our little fusion dance then I use my new Sword of the Creator to cut a whole into the fabric of space/time and hope back to where I was to finish the second part of the battle. Yeah, don’t ask me. I don’t understand it much either. But as a side-effect of merging with a god, I now have green hair.  So yay me. I’m dumped back right where Kronya died and Solan is on the ledge above me. He has summoned more goons and 2 more divine beasts for me to clear out. I do so and one shot him as well.



+36 levels this chapter

7 of which were unsatisfactory